EVH Mini Guitar Frankenstein

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  • This is a 1:4 scale official miniature replica of EVH’s Red-White-Black “Frankenstein” guitar!
  • Each model is 10" in length, handcrafted with INCREDIBLE DETAIL and comes complete with an adjustable A-frame stand and foil-stamped collectors gift box.
  • We are proud to offer these official EVH miniature guitars, hand made to the high quality standards that collectors and fans deserve. These are not the poor quality, inaccurate unauthorized versions that have been circulating.
  • Instantly recognizable by EVH's trademark red white and black stripes from the most iconic and copied guitar of all time!
  • Adorned with truck reflectors, partial pick guard, dead neck pickup and 3 way switch screwed into the center pickup cavity.
  • A 1971 quarter screwed to the top in order to block the tremolo.
  • Red Schwinn bicycle paint.
  • This guitar perfectly sums up Eddie's attitude, playing style, inventiveness, originality and endless tinkering and tone chasing.
  • Frankenstein embodies everything about EVH - a culmination and symbol of his inventiveness, experimentation and practicality